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15 feb 2020 om 11:02 Fantastic burger, but the delivery took forever omg.
7 feb 2020 om 15:46 Een van de burgers was helemaal doorweekt door vet (was dus een klef broodje), en helaas was de blauwe kaas bijna niet te proeven.
27 dec 2019 om 20:39 We are from Germany and that’s the best burger in the World! Mouthgasm!
23 dec 2019 om 21:47 Cold burger and fries delivered after 2 hours !
19 dec 2019 om 17:30 They sent me a wrong order, and without any news they sent me the right one with around 2 hours delay...
16 dec 2019 om 21:19 the quality got worse. Fries were cold and not seasoned, same with the beef and soggy bun. Long gone are the days burger bar was good...
4 dec 2019 om 14:33 Ordered at 11am for delivery at 12. At 12:10 there was no food yet and tracker said driver was still waiting. I called the restaurant and they said they didnt receive the order from Thuisbezorgd until 12 so didnt even start cooking til then. 40mins late
30 nov 2019 om 11:07 fries were not delivered and my burger was basically de-composed.
29 nov 2019 om 13:45 Literally AMAZING food and AMAZING service
21 nov 2019 om 10:50 Natte, slechte burger. Lag een uurtje later alweer in de toiletpot.
18 nov 2019 om 20:52 Na een miljoen x bellen na eindelijk juiste nr en vervolgens thuisbezorgd gebeld te hebben kwamen er koude burgers zonder of verkeerde toppings na 2 uur aan. Wij bestellen hier nooit meer.
18 nov 2019 om 20:47 Ordered at 17:30 for an 18:15 delivery. It's now 20:50 and we still haven't received the order. Sometime back, we got the wrong order. Like the absolute worst non-burgers: Portobello, Falafel, Chicken. Honestly floored by the confluence of incompetence.